The LifeLine Connect Mobile App

Coming in 2023!

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Overdose Alert 

When LifeLine sees vitals at unsafe levels, it reaches out to determine if you are OK.  Contacts are alerted so help can be directed.


The mobile application continuously monitors location to direct emergency assistance. Location is also used for check-ins to activities scheduled on the calendar.


Add an activity to the personal calendar and LifeLine will send reminders.  Once you are within 300 feet of the location, LifeLine will ask you to check-in.

Keeping You Safe and Connected

Overdose Alert System

Add family members to the LifeLine overdose alert system and pair their fitness tracker or smart watch with the mobile app.  Set up individuals for alerts if a problem is detected.  The mobile app will transmit vitals  and alerts if rates drop below safe levels or if the device stops sending data.

Text Outreach

LifeLine has a continuous flow of new content, educational opportunities and support group meetings.  The text outreach system will link people to what's new on LifeLine Connect, send out surveys, and remind individuals to attend events or meetings that they have signed up for.

Personal Calendar

Individuals or their parents can add activities to the LifeLine personal calendar and schedule email and text reminders.  Add a "check-in" for the individual to let people know that they have arrived and are at the location for their appointment, school event, sports activity or social event.

Locate & Check In

The mobile application monitors your location to know when you are close to an activity that has been setup in your personal calendar.  When "check-in" is turned on, we will text you to check in which will trigger a notification to your team that you have arrived safely.