LifeLine Connect - Launching this Fall

Reduce overdose risk, raise awareness, promote community & support,
provide accountability and structure

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Wearables & Mobile App for Overdose Detection (Coming Soon!)

Fitness trackers and smart watches are used by millions of Americans today and not only track your steps, but also collect important health data such as heart rate, respiration rate and blood oxygen levels.  LifeLine's mobile application pairs with your fitness tracker or smart watch to collect health data and alert if heart rate is outside the normal range, an indicator of a possible overdose.  LifeLine will attempt to contact you, alert your loved ones and direct help to your exact location in an emergency.

LifeLine Overdose Warning System

"The Zone" for Adolescents and Kids

Young people can enter "The Zone" to connect to the Learning Lab with content on the risk of opioids along with ways to stay healthy and well.  The Zone offers fun activities like games, fun polls, playlists and live streams and invites individuals to share their ideas about how to prevent substance misuse that we collect, add them to Twitter and have those ideas appear on the Zone's Twitter wall.

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Family Support

Families can raise their awareness about the dangers of overdose from fentanyl and the deadly combinations with fake pills or other illegal substances.  Members can select from a library of content on wellness strategies to keep you physically and mentally healthy.  Live and on-demand educational classes are offered on a regular basis as well as connections to online support groups to share ideas and strategies.

Family Support

Recovery Support

Individuals in recovery are supported with guidance to help them establish a healthy routine including how to focus on healthy habits, such as exercise, healthy eating, and self-care.  Access the content library to receive content and education ranging from nutrition and exercise to mindfulness and meditation and career strategies. Connecting with the LifeLine mobile application helps provide structure and accountability through calendaring commitments, receiving reminders and check ins.  The LifeLine overdose detection and alerting system adds an additional level of safety and support.

Recovery Support